Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Phantasmagorical Part II

Once Sally reaches Gina and I, she looks at us, and as soon as soon as she looked at us we understood what that look meant, words couldn't describe what she was feeling. Sally got out the cigarettes and handed them out, we all lighted up and started heading towards the party (at least where we thought it was). 15 minutes later we arrive at the party with a spare flask and a bottle of coke, we all looked at each other and knew what had to be done before we did anything... get more wasted. So we all ran into the kitchen and started doing shots and mixing our drinks. After that we all headed to the backyard where everyone was, we didn't really know anyone so we just sat down with people we knew through friends and started talking. Next thing we know is Ocean walks in with a couple of very good-looking friends and by good looking I mean about 3 of them could pass as male models.
I feel Sally's hand squeeze my leg tight as soon as she sees him. Ocean caught Sally's eye and walks over to her and said " I guess I didn't need your number after all to bump into you again " and sat down next to her. Ocean and Sally started to talk about school, music, global warming and how school doesn't shape you into a individual. While they were chatting away one of Oceans very good-looking friends came and sat down beside me (Alexa) and introduced him self "Hey I'm Phoenix" and shook my hand. I was completly tranced by him, he was beautiful, a sculpture of God. I replied saying, "Alexa" and smiled. Phoenix was perfect in the most innocent sense of the phrase he had slightly tanned skin but it was still pale. He has blue eyes, and soft baby like skin. He was tall and lean. He was wearing a blue buttoned up shirt with a maroon jumper, dark blue skinny jeans rolled up and old black vans.
Phoenix pulled out a bottle of whisky asked "do you want to do shots with me?"I said "I bet you I could beat you in shots." Phoenix replied saying "you're on." We went inside and sat at a small round table with couches around it we sat next to each other. Phoenix got two shot glasses from the kitchen and put them down on the table and poured whisky into both of the glasses and said "on the count of three, one, two, three." We both shot the whisky into our mouths, I could feel the burning sensation going down my throat as I swallowed the whisky. Then Phoenix looks at me and pours another shot.
He did the same thing again and again 5 times. Then it comes to the sixth shot (and keep in mind and that I was very drunk when we arrived at the party) Phoenix looks at me and slurs the words "I don't think I can do this, I don't think I can do this one." I picked up the shot glass and cheersed the air saying "bottoms up" and swallowed the sixth shot. Phoenix was looking at me shocked and said "I'm very impressed" I reply very drunkly saying "You're impressed? I don't think I have ever felt so wasted in my whole life." Phoenix smiles and I staredt to melt. We began to talk about silly things like travelling back in time and different dimensions untill some girl yelled "PHOENIX!" and jumps on him, I started to feel uncomfortable so I got up and walked outside.

...... To be continued

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