Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Music speaks what cannot be expressed.

Hello my few fellow followers. I am very tired and cannot sleep and I have exams tomorrow and I have a very sore throat, so why not pass time by posting up some really good music for you all to download or even just listen too. These songs I'm putting on are some old favorites, some new favorites and even just some plain good feel song.  I would probably put more on but I really can't be bothered. I'll put some more up next time if you all enjoy them.

Feist, Feist, Feist. What more can I say? Her songs are very relaxing and very chilled to listen to. This song is called One Evening. I also recommend you download Let it die and Inside and Out.

Now this song my friend Sally showed me and it's amazing, such a great song. It's called Inch of Dust by Future Islands, I recommend to download it and while your listening to it on your computer put it up very loud so you experience the whole feeling of the song.

These are two of my favorite songs from one of my bands The Smiths. 

There is a light that never goes out

Hand in glove

This song is with or without you, this song is a cover of the original written and performed by U2. This cover is by Hamish Cowan.

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  1. mmmm acknowledgements maybe for where you got these fabulous Feist songs????