Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It was a summer afternoon, the air was warm and the sky was still blue. Gina and I were at Sally's house, we were just sitting outside in her backyard having our usual, unusual conversation's about how in the Amazon there used to be tribes that were cannibals and what a human would taste like and if each human would have a different taste depending on what they ate.
Then Gina gets a call from her friend Emilie inviting us to a party in Newtown. Then we all start getting excited and talking about what we should wear and what we should have to drink etc. After we were ready we started making our way to new town from Sally's house. We got to Newtown half an hour before the party so we decided to go to camperdown park and start drinking. As soon as we sat down we all started to get wasted, and by wasted I mean we couldn't even put proper sentences together we were so trashed. Then Gina gets a call from Emilie asking where we were, Sally looks at the time and realises that its 8:45 and that we were meant to be there at 7:30. So we all got up and started running to the main road, figuring out where to go.
As we were running Sally ran into this really hot guy and dropped all her cigarettes, as she ran into him he quickly grabbed her so she wouldn't fall over, Sally looked up at him completely flabbergasted, she tried to talk but nothing came out of her mouth because she was so caught up in this guys face. He was slightly tanned with greenish blue eyes, he had a little bit of stubble on his face and his nose was pierced, he was wearing fitted corduroy pants which were dark navy blue which were rolled up, he was wearing dirty old black vans and a vintage band shirt which said "The Doors" with Jim Morrison on the front. He just looked at her and said "Im so sorry, are you alright?" Sally was still looking at him with disbelief, then she finally found herself and answered back "I, I'm so sorry I didn't see you."
She bends down and starts to pick up her cigarettes, he also bends down and starts to help her. After they have gathered all her cigarettes he takes one, smiles and says " I'm aloud this because I saved you from having a serious concussion." Sally looked at him and laughed and hands him a lighter, after lighting his cigarette he introduces himself "Im Ocean." "Interesting name, Im Sally" she says. "Well beautiful Sally I better get your number so we can bump into each other on purpose." He hands his phone over and she dials in her number, Sally turns around to Alexa and Gina yelling at her telling her to hurry up, she hands Ocean back his phone and says with a grin on her face " You won't call me."and starts running towards Gina and Alexa, as she is running Ocean yells out " You bet I will!"

..... To be continued

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